Freelance web developer and designer

About me

Jacob Lauritzen

Dane with a burning passion for innovation and tech entrepreneurship


Portrait of me

Jacob Brathaug Lauritzen

I'm a 20-year-old Danish student with a passion for innovtion and tech entrepreneurship.

As a full stack developer with a special love for the front end, I develop cross-platform design & development solutions that range from frnt end work to smart phone apps to back end C#.NET & PHP.

My biggest personal sucesses are Lectio Plus, which is an Android and iOS app targeting Danish students, and Themes-for-brackets, which is an open source project bringing theme support to the text editor Brackets. As of November 2016, more than 127,000 students have installed Lectio Plus and more than 202,000 developers have installed the extension.

My proudest project

Lectio Plus

Danish #2 hit list app with more than 127,000 downloads


Lectio Plus

An iOS and Android app for Danish school students granting organised and well-designed easy access to classes, tests, homework, grades etc.
As a personal project, I have done all marketing, branding, design, and development.


Placed #2 on iOS free apps hit list

More than 127,000 downloads

More than 52,000 monthly active users